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“Beans from Heaven”: Everything You Need to Know About Coffee

“Coffee Culture = Roast, Ground, Brew, Repeat.”

Are you a coffee enthusiast?

If yes, you might want to know more about this heavenly drink. Coffee is not just a beverage; it’s a culture!

Most people in the world prefer coffee over other beverages because of its amazing aroma, mouth-watering taste and caffeinated properties.

Even though people like to drink coffee, they hardly know the basic facts about it. There is so much more to coffee than simply being roasted ground beans. 

If you want to know more about coffee, we can help you. Follow this article to unravel the secrets behind coffee.

What is Coffee?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. This drink is made from the seeds of the coffee plant. In order to prepare it, you need to use roasted coffee beans. 

Coffee beans are extracted from ripening coffee berries or fruits. The beans are dried and roasted to prepare ground coffee or coffee powder. 

You can take it with water, milk or cream. It is a bitter-tasting drink that contains caffeine. It works as a stimulant for adults. However, the majority of the working people drink coffee early in the morning for a much-needed energy boost.

There are different varieties of coffees available in the world. You can make coffee in different ways, i.e. French press, café latte, Espresso, cold coffee, hot coffee, etc.

Origin of Coffee:

The story behind the discovery of coffee is quite intriguing and fascinating. Over the centuries, there have been many stories and legends about coffee.

Coffee beans have been excessively traded from one country to another. It all started in Ethiopia. This is the country where coffee beans were discovered. From Africa, it was later introduced in Europe and Asia.

Although there are many stories about the origin of coffee, one legend is quite popular. It is believed than a man named Kaldi discovered the first coffee bean in 700 AD. 

He was a goat herder in Ethiopia. One fine day, he noticed that the goats were quite active and dancing. When he searched further, he was that they were eating some sort of berries from a plant.

Pleased with his discovery, he shared the details with the monk. It is said that the monk used coffee for staying awake at night.

Another story states that the monk threw the beans in the fire, which resulted in roasted coffee beans.  

After that, coffee became quite popular in Ethiopia and was then traded to Yemen. During the 15th century, coffee beans arrived at a port called Mocha in Yemen.

Over a period of time, people started using it in other countries like Turkey, Egypt and Persia. Moreover, coffee became a very popular beverage in the Arabian Peninsula.

During the 16th century, coffee was introduced in Asia as well as Europe. It was traded from Yemen to India and Rome.

This is how coffee beans became one of the most traded goods in the world. The strong aroma and effect it had on people were the reasons they started drinking it.

Popular Types of Coffee:

There are nearly more than 50 types of coffee varieties available in the world market. However, some are more popular than others. So here are some of the most popular types and forms of coffee you must try.

• Espresso:

This coffee was originated in Italy. It is one of the most popular types of coffee. You will find it in almost every café and coffee shop. Moreover, it is concentrated coffee usually given in small shot-like cups. 

• Caffè Americano:

It is another type of popular coffee. It came from Latin America. American soldiers used to drink this type of coffee. You can make this coffee by mixing Espresso with water. 

• Café Au Lait:

This is one of the most popular French coffees. Unlike other types of coffee, it is made using milk. You can make it with Espresso or a single shot of coffee. Instead of hot water, you need to add hot milk to the coffee.

• Frappe:

It is a famous Greek coffee. It was first made by a Nestle employer. This type of coffee is made using chilled milk. Moreover, there is froth on the top as well. 

• Mocha:

It was originated in Italy. This type of coffee is made using Espresso and milk. Apart from that, chocolate is added to the coffee. Kids love this type of coffee.

• Cappuccino:

This is, by far, the most popular form of coffee. It is made using different layers of ingredients. You have to mix Espresso, milk, frothy milk as well as chocolate syrup to make it.

Interesting Facts about Coffee:

Now that you know about the origin and the types of coffee, it is time to learn about some interesting facts about coffee. Here are some facts about coffee to blow your mind.

• Origin of Name: Coffee has different names all around the world. The term coffee originated from the Arabic word “qahwah”. 
• Funny Origin Story: The origin story of coffee is quite funny as it was discovered when some goats had eaten it, thereby becoming energized.
• Less Caffeine in Espresso: Although Espresso is a concentrated type of coffee, it contains less caffeine than brewed coffee.
• Turkish Law for Divorce: Because of the popularity of coffee in Turkey, a new law was made. If a husband cannot provide coffee, his wife can divorce him.
• Less Roast More Caffeine: The less you roast the beans, the more caffeine it has. 
• Bach Song: The famous piano Batch wrote a song about coffee. It is known as “Coffee Cantata”.
• Coffee Trading: It is the second most traded goods in the world. It is worth more than billions of dollars.
• Coffee Fruit: Coffee is actually a fruit. The beans are collected from the berries, which are fruits. 
• Coffee in Hawaii: It is the only place in America where you can grow a coffee plant.
• Brazil Olympics Athletes: Brazing had no money to send the athletes to the Olympics. They had to sell a ship full of coffee to get the money.
• Coffee Ban: It was banned in Mecca in Saudi Arabia because of its stimulating effect.
• Cat Poop Coffee: The most expensive coffee is made in Indonesia. They use the beans digested by cats to brew coffee.

How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Coffee?

Brewing coffee is an art! Not everyone can make a perfect cup of coffee. In order to make it right, you need to use the best quality coffee beans and add them in the right amount.

If the ratio of coffee grounds and hot water is not right, the coffee will not turn out good. Most of the baristas use the golden ratio when it comes to preparing coffee. 

The golden ratio is 1:15. It means, if you are using 1 gram of ground coffee, you need to use 15 grams of water. In order to measure the right quantity of ground coffee, you must use a food scale.

After you measure the coffee grounds, you need to boil water and mix it in a cup. The water should be at the right temperature. However, you can add milk, sugar as well as cream as per your liking.

If you want to avoid the hassle of grinding coffee beans at home or measuring the amount of coffee, you must use coffee pods.

Coffee pods come with accurate coffee measurement for one cup serving. You can use it directly with your coffee machine to prepare the coffee in seconds. As the number of coffee grounds and water, as well as the temperature of the water, are right, you will get a perfect cup of coffee.

What is Coffee Pod?

It is a single-serving container that you can use to make coffee. There is the right quantity of ground coffee in the pod for one cup serving. You don’t need to purchase a ground coffee jar or ground your own roasted coffee beans.

The single container contains ground coffee which is fresh and packed with aroma. As it is sealed, it retains the freshness of coffee as well as the amazing aroma.

It helps you to save a lot of time, as you don’t need to measure or pour coffee in a cup. You can simply use coffee pods with coffee machines to make coffee.

Nowadays, most people prefer using coffee pods instead of going for espresso shots or coffee powder. Coffee pods are available in separate coffee containers as well as coffee bags.

The coffee bags are more like teabags. You can manually prepare coffee with these bags as well. All you need to do is dip the bag with coffee grounds in a hot boiling cup of water.

Why Use Coffee Pods for Preparing Coffee?

Coffee pods have become quite popular in offices, restaurants, cafes as well as in coffee shops. There are many reasons why you must ditch the old school method of preparing coffee and stick to new coffee pods.

• Quality Coffee:

The main reason why you must use coffee pods is that it helps you to prepare quality coffee. These pods are made using the highest quality standards. The quality of the coffee grounds is maintained as it is not exposed to air, heat or moisture. However, it helps you to prepare a quality cup of coffee.

• Easy to Use:

When it comes to making coffee, you need to boil water, measure coffee beans, grind the beans and do a lot more things. But with coffee pods, you can easily make coffee without any hassle. You just need to place the container in the machine and press a button to prepare coffee.

• Coffee Variety:

There are different types and brands of coffee pods available in the market. You can choose from different varieties. There is no need to stick with a traditional espresso machine when you can use a different type of coffee pods in the same coffee maker.

• Easy to Store:

Coffee pods are very easy to store. You don’t need to worry about protecting the coffee from moisture and heat. Moreover, as it comes in a separate container, you can easily store it in your pantry.

• Saves Energy:

It helps you to save lots of energy as well. All the modern coffee machines consume less power when you use coffee pods to make coffee. Moreover, it takes only a few seconds to get the coffee ready.

• Safe and Eco-Friendly:

Most people are concerned with the waste generated from different coffee containers. However, it is made of safe and eco-friendly materials. It can be easily recycled.

These are some of the reason why you must use coffee pods and coffee bags instead of traditional coffee-making methods. 

Coffee has become an integral part of our lives. Simply preparing and drinking coffee is not enough. You need to get all your facts right as well. Moreover, this article will help you to know everything important about coffee.